Get ready for Season 4!

As the cooler winds of autumn blow they bring with them the return of Anomalous Realities on Revolution Radio!
Please make note that we have a new day and time and will have many new and interesting guests to speak with.
We will now be live on Tuesdays from 6-8 pm EST 5-7 pm CST and 3-5 pm PST on Studio B at
I am looking forward to feedback from listeners this season on what topics and guests you would like to hear on the show

Sorry Folks The Shows Closed...

The moose out front should have told you!
To all of those not old enough to get that joke.. my apologies.
Anomalous Realities is on a temporary hiatus for live shows at the moment due to time conflicts with my schedule and the live show slot.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with revolution radio and hope to be able to return to them again when a spot is available that won't interfere with my travel for my shamanic work.